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Images Dated 22nd July 2021

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22/07/2021GingerbreadCentre Featured 22 Jul 2021 Print


Pictured: Raegan Briggs, 15 months old
We believe that every child has the right to playregardless of their circumstances and because of this we run an Activity Clubat The Gingerbread Centre. The play area is an extension of the Club.
Play can help offset the traumas of being made homeless,losing the garden that you love, the bedroom you enjoy and maybe even thefamily pet. It can inspire confidence in a child and build family relationshipswhen they can enjoy a space together.
Our outdoor community and play area was in a poor state andnot fit for purpose so, because of this and Covid-19, activities have beenconfined to indoors. We really wanted to refurbish it and make it into anappealing and exciting space to give our families somewhere they could safelyenjoy.
Whatwas an unexciting space is now an exciting social and play area. The main workstarted on 4th May and the ?27k project was completed on 14th June. Despitesome minor problems, it was completed on time, as specified and within thefunding available!
The main feature inthe new space is a twin tower climbing frame with a slide, rope ladder, ricketybridge and fireman? pole surrounded by a soft, safe surface.
One tower includes asmall, vertical climbing wall and a safe seating area underneath.
Otherfeatures of the play area are a moveable mud kitchen and wall mounted playconsoles.
Ann Ewens, CEO, The Gingerbread Centre said ?he playground will allow our childrento play outside getting the physical exercise they need to grow and be healthy,it will allow our children to socialise with each other learning how to playand cooperate as a member of a community and it will provide our children withan outlet to address their emotional and mental wellbeing. The space for ourparents will also mean that not only will they be able to gain the joy ofwatching their children safely at play but it will also provide an opportunityfor parents to meet, talk and support each other during their stay atGingerbread. This is not just a playground for our children and families but itis a symbol of our goal of supporting them moving forward and living healthyand happy lives.?
The work was fullyfunded by: The Denise Coates Foundation, the B&Q Foundation, ScrewfixFoundation, Co-op Community Foundation, Synectics Solutions, The Barratt HomesLegacy Fund and Persimmon

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220721Urn Featured 22 Jul 2021 Print


Uncover the Story launch at the Richard III Visitor Centre in Leicester. DEputy City Mayor Councillor Piara Singh-Clair (left) and Deputy Leader Leicestershire County Council Deborah Taylor

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